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Fort Antoine Theatre Festiva, Monaco, various August 2011

The 41st Fort Antoine Theatre Festival takes place throughout August on the French Riviera’s favourite playground, Monaco.

Theatre du Fort Antoine

The Festival comprises ten of the finest theatre companies from across Europe who will join forces to thrill audiences with a series of summer theatrical performances.

Below is our pick of the shows taking place.

Volpone – 1 August 2011
Volpone is a black comedy from the pen of Ben Jonson that was first produced in 1606. A merciless satire of gluttony and lust, the self-titled protagonist feigns death following a long-term illness in order to dupe those who aspire to be his heir. A hilarious cat and mouse tussle ensues between the devious Volpone, his trusty and mischievous assistant and the gullible pretenders to his fortune.

La Seconde Surprise de l’amour – 5 August 2011
La Seconde Surprise de l’amour translates as ‘The Second Surprise of Love’ and is arguably the highlight from an astonishing body of work by Pierre de Marivaux that consisted of thirty nine plays, seven novels, a series of journals and other assorted works. The play is a meditation on the evolution of his personal feelings on the subject of love and loves lost that has endured the passage of time giving way to two cinematic adaptations in 1962 and 2009.

Rhinocéros – 8 August 2011
Rhinoceros is an aptly titled French play where over the course of three acts, the inhabitants of a small, provincial village quite literally transform into rhinoceroses, which firmly places the play in the category of unique yet absurd. It was penned by playwright Eugène Ionesco in 1959 and is often cited as a subliminal response and criticism to the social changes in events leading up to the second World War exploring the challenging but rewarding themes of conformity, culture, mass movements, philosophy and morality.

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