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One of the greatest pleasures of living in a cosmopolitan city is the ever-increasing number of sushi bars designed to tantalize our taste buds and provide us with new, exciting and eclectic flavours. Sushi, like grown up pic’n’mix, gives us choice and access to quick-speed glamour. Audio Sushi, the bespoke i-pod loading, playlist-compiling music company will inspire you through sound in the same way that sushi delights. Be prepared for a music feast…

Kerrin Wallace and Jeffery Reed (aka DJ Disastronaut) founded Audio Sushi in 2007 – these incredible ‘music stylists’ are the perfect people to inform the many technically inept, time-poor music lovers among us on what’s hot now and how to sort the classics from the clunkers. Audio Sushi provides one-to-one music consultations and having ascertained your taste, compile playlists for anything from personal enjoyment to corporate events. Their individually tailored ‘Party-Pod’ service provides a good alternative to a live DJ (although they do that too), and they can also advise on the technical set-up.

Harvey Nichols, Bungalow 8 and the European fashion weeks all call on Audio Sushi to prescribe music that is in keeping with their brand and they trust the Audio Sushi duo to keep their brand reputation happening and inspiring through music association.

Ultimately, Audio Sushi works because its founders love music. However, there is no snobbery involved; Kerrin and Jeffery are equally happy to recommend an independent record label find, or indulge a secret penchant for Dolly Parton. Moreover, their experience means that you can constantly enjoy the fruits of an ever-changing music scene, personally tailored to delight your senses.

Audio Sushi’s Menu comprises of a ‘Consultation’, £130, which includes a music styling session, an 80-minute customised playlist and five album recommendations as well as a ‘Sushi Bento Box’, £165, which includes a music styling session, three 80-minute customised playlists and ten album recommendations with additional 60-minute playlists for £38. Their ‘Music to Go’ package, £45, is a good taster option which makes up-to-the-minute suggestions according to your answers on a questionnaire and provides you with a ‘Desert Island Disc.’

Contact: +44(0)870 977 0025;,

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