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Bespoke Perfumery


Before the rise in demand for bespoke perfumery we fooled ourselves into thinking that our wrists and senses were satisfied with what the luxury brands told us to buy. The ultimate in luxury meant flying in the jet to Bergdof’s and acquiring Clive Christian’s No.1 perfume at a mere $2,350 a pop. For added lustre we could customise our own bottle, a la Elton John who apparently spent $250,000 for the privilege of having his bespoke perfume encased in a piano shaped bottle. Another valuable investment was the limited edition scents encased in Baccarat crystal bottles, encased in five carat diamond and fifteen carat gold valued at over $200,000. But even this doesn’t quite seem to cut it in our ever demanding world, where we yearn for something more individual, more unique.

Bespoke scents are the ultimate in the individual style statement, reflecting our lifestyle and unique preferences. Commissioning a bespoke scent is the fastest growing trend in the luxury world. And it comes as no surprise that luxury brands such as Guerlain, Cartier and Creed as well as the smaller, exclusive, specialised perfume houses such as L’Artisan Parfumeur in Paris and Les Senteurs in London are investing in the rapid growth niche sector of bespoke perfumery.

Through the art of bespoke scents the wearer can acquire a unique olfaction and delight in a perfume that truly reflects their own personality. Haute perfumeries offer a series of consultations with ‘their nose’ in residence and demand a revelation of personal tastes and desires to uncover your personal history of smell. Like Egyptian and Arabian kings and queens of eras past, we can now be part of this unique process.

Frederic Malle of ‘Editions de Parfums’ has led the current renaissance in bespoke scents. His perfumes are avant-garde, objects of desire – each one signed by its true creator. He successfully ‘eliminates all that is superfluous and merely decorative.’ Other leaders in the field include Creed in Paris, who have been creating custom made perfume for more than 240 years and charge $7,300 per litre (with a minimum order of ten litres.)

Wearing a fragrance, made especially for you is the ultimate luxury. It encapsulate’s luxury’s evolution. You’ll never have to smell like anyone else again. Now that’s a new height of pleasure.


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